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Patti Howard, owner of Your Canine Resource, brings over 25 years experience to solving doggie dilemmas. Her training interests range from orienting puppies to resolving mild or serious displays of aggression – and everything in between! This year Patti again won the Thumbtack Best of 2016 award for dog behavioral training and nutrition services.

Training is an on-going process of growth and understanding between you and your canine companion. In the privacy of your home, or outdoors in the greater Olympia area, you and Patti together will examine how each interaction with your dog builds upon and enhances desired behaviors. Patti creates custom dog training programs to achieve your goals. She employs only pain-free, humane techniques, which are rooted in behavioral research and which never use fear or coercion as a vehicle to learning.

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Don’t Give Up! Call First!

Some dog behaviors and nutritional issues can be overwhelming to deal with alone. That's where Your Canine Resource comes in. Patti charts the course, helps with the change and teaches you how to maintain it.

Download the Behavior Assessment Form, send it back to Patti, and she will provide ideas to help you hit the ground running – accessing change immediately!

Aggressive dog baring teeth

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Growling, barking, lunging, showing of teeth, snapping and biting – aggressive behavior in dogs can be classified in different ways, depending on what purpose the aggression serves. Patti will identify why your dog is aggressive at your initial assessment. Her extensive knowledge of the neurology of aggression and research-based behavioral modification procedures goes into every custom training plan.

Puppy Manners Training

  • Leave it;  Drop it;  Share;  Release
  • Sit – up close and at a distance
  • Wait/Stay;  Place;  Up/Off;  Settle
  • Come (every time!)
  • Loose leash walking
  • Jumping;  mouthing
  • Door greetings manners
  • Alone training;  crate conditioning
  • Games & tricks to build confidence

Nutrition for Health and Behavior

Just as in our own health, dogs show malnutrition through skin conditions, diabetes, arthritis and other chronic ailments. They also express it through such behavioral issues as growling, biting, chewing, nervous barking, excessive behaviors and more. Behaviors such as these can alert Patti to what holistic nutrients may be missing from diet.

What People Are Saying About Patti Howard

5 star rating
Patti did in-home training classes for our puppy. Hiring her to do puppy training was such a great decision. First of all she is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior, development, and health and has years of experience putting it into practice. Her suggestions for curbing unwanted behavior and promoting good puppy behavior are wonderful and effective! She gets to know you and your dog and finds solutions that work in your situation. She's warm and caring and a pleasure to work with. She's always very professional – arrives on time, responds to texts and email promptly. Even though our formal training is complete, she still answers questions and provides feedback about puppy rearing when asked. She is all around wonderful. And most importantly, we are thrilled with the results. We have an extremely well behaved dog – literally we can put a dinner plate of food on the ground and our dog will leave it alone if we tell her to. It's amazing! Hiring Patti was a wonderful decision for us and our dog, and I would encourage anyone looking for obedience training to hire Patti. She's the best!
—Lisa W, Seattle WA

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Wondering when to start puppy training? Want to learn what sessions with Your Canine Resource are like? How to schedule appointments and make payment?

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